Friday, June 1, 2018

Expert Series: The Power of Creative Tools and Products to Transform Your Business Part 4 of 4

The Power of Creative Tools & Products to Create Breakthroughs, Attract Clients & Transform Your Business

Part 4 of 4

Products as a Door Opener

In this series, I continue to introduce you to the power of creative tools for transformation and how products can make a difference in your business.

We continue from part 3 where I spoke about using creative tools to be more memorable.

It’s always a challenge when someone doesn’t know who you are and you want them to go from zero to a 6-month coaching commitment. It really helps to have an entry offer. And if you can create one that sets up what a longer-term coaching package will do for them, all the better.

There are a lot of products and tools out there that can make creating an entry offer really easy. What follows are a few product types that will inspire you. Think in terms of creating small offers that range from a 90-minute session to 1/2 day workshop.

Strengths Assessment Tools – Help your clients identify strengths and explore how they can be leveraged to meet a specific goal.

Values Card Sort – Clarity about what’s important is an important first step for someone in career or life transition.

Visioning Tools – A creative way to dream bigger and begin putting a plan together.

Money Archetypes or Styles – A fun, non-threatening entry point for anyone wanting more prosperity and removing obstacles in the way.

When you focus your entry offer around a product, it just looks a lot more substantial.

Having a product as part of the package increases the perceived value of an offer and allows you to charge more.

Using other people’s products is a great shortcut and I recommend starting there. However, if you really want to transform your business, you need to create your own products.

The truth is you do have something to say. You have opinions, beliefs, and wisdom. You know about what works for your clients and what doesn’t. Your expertise, your experiences and your life lessons color how you put things together, how you interpret the world. It’s like handwriting and everyone is unique.

Your first step toward creating your own product is to be willing to know what you know.

It’s essential to stop and begin to listen to your own internal wisdom and voice.

Once you have your core message, it can be repurposed into many types of products.

Dr. Christianne Northrup is a great example. She started with a book but you don’t have to start there. Her book content was then expanded into an online course, an app, a workbook, a journal, and an audio download. For me, all of those products amplify her expert status! The perception is that she’s prolific. The truth is Dr. Northrup did not need to generate a lot of new content for these additional products. It’s more about repurposing and repackaging existing content.

The bottom line, creative tools, whether created by others or yourself, will make a huge difference in the work you do and in your business growth.  For those of you still dependent on 1:1 service delivery only, creating your own products will change that.

Try this…

Think about the number one challenge your clients have. Ask your self, what small introductory offer could I create to give them some relief and open them up to more options.

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