Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Expert Series: The Power of Creative Tools and Products to Transform Your Business Part 3 of 4

The Power of Creative Tools & Products to Create Breakthroughs, Attract Clients & Transform Your Business

Part 3 of 4    Using creative tools to be more memorable

In this series, I continue to introduce you to the power of creative tools for transformation and how products can make a difference in your business.

We continue from part 2 where I spoke about the power of imagery.

When a client has a breakthrough moment, they remember you. And when they remember you, they refer you.

There are three areas where a creative tool can rock your client’s experience of you and create powerful breakthrough moments: Ritual, Homework and Group Process.


Ritual takes people out of ordinary reality and can set the tone for a session. Rituals by nature are consistent and that consistency creates trust and opens the client to deeper reflection. You can use a ritual to create a pause, to shift energy, or to become present. You can easily introduce ritual through a favorite card deck. There are so many different types of card decks to choose from. There are affirmation decks, creativity prompts, wisdom or healing cards and imagery based decks.

Have you ever had a client show up and not know what to talk about or maybe you start to hear, “I don’t know” during a session? Draw a card and coach around the card. Sometimes the card gives your client a little distance and make it easier to talk about something important. You and they will be pleased with the result. Do that consistently and you have created a ritual.


Creative tools are great for work between sessions. Whether it’s a workbook, a journal, a card deck or a combination, having something tangible to use will make it easier and more compelling.

Homework often involves asking your client to reflect on an important topic or take some action between sessions. There are card decks on networking, happiness, laws of attraction, grief, mindfulness, ADHD, listening skills, fitness. creativity, affirmation, intuitive guidance, generic imagery cards and more.  It’s important to find the ideal fit for your clients.


Whether it’s a team meeting, a group coaching program or a workshop, creative tools will bring the experience alive. You can use creative tools as an icebreaker, as the foundation of an interactive exercise or as a debriefing/processing tool.

A Creative tool used as an icebreaker is an easy way to create immediate connections and raise the energy of the room. And as a debriefing tool, it will create safety, raise awareness and invite a new level of sharing.

Try this….

1. Find a card deck that is a fit for your clients and include the deck with your foundational materials. Use it regularly during sessions.

2. Next time a client gets stuck, ask if they are open to an experiment. Frame a question, spread a deck of cards in front of you, tell them you will run your hand over the cards from left to right and ask them to tell you when to pick. Share the chosen card and coach around it.

Watch for our next part in 2 weeks when I talk about Products as a door opener…

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