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Expert Series: Coaching for Rapid Impact. Fast-Finding the Visible. Part 2 of 4

Coaching for Rapid Impact. Fast-Finding the Visible. Part 2 of 4

In Part One, we discussed establishing the right focus for the client that will create the result they really want. In this part, we take it further into the second of the “3 F’s” – Fast-Finding.

When we refer to “Fast-Finding,” we are talking about quickly getting to the elements of the situation that will unfold, unlock and ultimately achieve the path to impact for the client.

We all have an internal system that creates our results. We call it “The Results System.” In this system, some aspects are readily visible to the client and others are not. We will focus first on the “visible” pieces.

Results are the product of actions. Choose the right actions and you get the desired result. If that doesn’t happen, you must look at the choices you are making and re-evaluate.

Effective choices happen when you see all the potential options available to you. Of course, this is the rub – sometimes we only see options that we like or are easy or are the ones we have past experience with. This filtering might mask or eliminate the very option that will create the result you want. As coaches, we contribute to our clients by challenging them to look at all the options and how they make the choices. And of course, goals are the targets or milestones that move the client toward their result.

You may be saying, “Well, this is just common sense.” That is because this process is typically visible to you and you are conscious of it. Despite its logic and simplicity, however, many coaches do not fully exploit it in the coaching process with their clients.

Tool and Technique

When working with a client, spend time focusing on these key elements of the visible system: Actions, choices, Options, and Goals. Explore each one and identify how well the client is using these elements to create the result they desire. Use your powerful questioning skills to look back with them at what they have already done, what they are doing now, and what they plan to do.

Explore It For Yourself

  1. Think about a specific, real-life result you want or one that you have been having a challenge in achieving.
  2. Ask yourself, “What actions have I taken already and what was the result of those actions?” and “What actions am I planning to take next?”
  3. If you are getting the results you want, trace your actions back to the choices you made and the Options you evaluated. This is good learning because this is a pattern of thinking and behavior that has worked for you. You may be able to consciously use this same method in the future to create success.
  4. If you are not getting the results you want yet, ask yourself, “What led me to choose these actions?” and “What choice would have been better for me to make instead?” Was it that the choice was made for the wrong reason (expediency, comfort, lack of knowledge) or did you not see all of your options in the first place before deciding?
  5. Review this information with a fellow coach or trusted friend. Ask that person “What am I missing here?” or “What other choices and options might you see in this situation?”. You may well identify a better course of action that will get you to your desired result that was not currently visible to you.
  6. What goals or milestones do you want to set for yourself in taking your new course of action?

Intentionally exploring the “visible” side of the system (Actions, choice, Options) and then setting Goals in coaching helps your client quickly find what works and learn what isn’t working to rapidly make a “course correction” that will create the impact they seek.

In the next part, we will look at Fast-Finding in the “invisible” part of the system.

About the Author:

Jonathan ‘Jeb’ Bates, MSOD, PCC is an executive coach and leadership development consultant based in Cambridge, MA. He is the Chief Experience Officer of ThoughtAction, a firm focused on bringing the unique, transformative Results SystemTM coaching process to clients and coaches. With over 10 years of experience as an executive coach and a Master’s in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, Jeb focuses on helping organizations, teams, and individuals to create the results they desire professionally and personally.

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