Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Expert Series: The Changing Landscape of Payments: How Coaches Can Keep Pace with Technology, Part 3 of 4

The Changing Landscape of Payments: How Coaches Can Keep Pace with Technology

Part 3 of 4: Swiping


Last issue we focused on a different type of mobile payment – mobile wallets.

This part will continue the support and emphasize you getting paid.

When you’re on the go, you need to accept payments right away. You can use a variety of credit card swipe devices to accept mobile payments. Picking the right swipe device for you and your business is important.

You want to be able to accept credit cards quickly and easily and get your money fast. Using a provider who knows you and cares about your business growth is ideal – coaches in particular benefit from a personal relationship.

As a coach, creating and maintaining a personal relationship with your processor can benefit you in the long run. You know that no matter what you will have excellent service from a company that knows you and your business. You want to feel confident when you call your processor you’re not going to be placed on hold for an extended period of time and that your issue is going to be solved immediately. A strong, personal relationship with your processor is an important cog in the machine of your business.

PayPal or Square can sometimes be an issue because coaches are typically accepting large sums of money a couple of times a year and that can flag and freeze your account and you don’t get paid right away. Business owners, specifically coaches, rely on getting their money fast. If money is not flowing in, products and services won’t be flowing out.

Unlike commercialized mobile swipe options, small, privately owned providers know that their clients are the heart of their business. Just like coaches, mobile swipe processors who try to personalize their service to fit the needs of their clients will be more successful.

Products and services provided by coaches from books, workbooks, online training, mastermind sessions, podcasts, access to live events, and more are quick to be sold and so need to be quick to be paid for. If you’re selling from the stage you want your potential clients to be swiping at the back of the room at your events.

Mobile swipe devices are small, convenient and easy to use and usually inexpensive. Most of them plug right into a smartphone or tablet and work seamlessly with a downloadable app. Your products and services can be programmed into the app so all of the information and technology is right at your fingertips.

Before you commit to a processor do your research and compare. You want to get the most bang for your buck while benefitting from a user-friendly option. If the technology is easy to use, you will be more comfortable and you will be more likely to use it regularly. Processors do their best to stay up to date with the technology and you should too. You want to be able to grow with your business and let the technology work for you, don’t work for the technology.

Keep these points in mind as we continue the series.

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About Amy Zicolella: Amy joined the DirectPay team as Marketing Specialist in late 2015 with an extensive background in web marketing and social media coordination. Utilizing her degree in Business Administration and Marketing Integration, Amy has helped create a culture within the organization focused on an aligned mission: to provide coaches and other service professionals with seamless credit card acceptance, business development education and a more personal, dedicated relationship >>> learn more here <<<

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