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Creativity in Coaching

What are the tools you use to make the work you do stand out as memorable? What are the results that are possible when you introduce new stimuli into your work? How do tools add value and help your marketing or branding? How do you “break the ice,” get out of a rut, shift perspective and create aha moments? This issue will introduce coaching tools and creative processes

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Instruments in Coaching

You can’t know how far you’ve come, or how far you need to go unless you measure along the way. Instruments today can asses the client and the coach. Instruments can assess personality, skill level, behaviors, group dynamics, leadership ability, and coaching effectiveness. Join us as we examine the instruments and methods that you can use to support and enhance your coaching engagements. What are the different types of tools available and what are they used for? How do you measure the effectiveness of your coaching engagement? How, when and what do you use to engage with your client to increase self-awareness? How do they overlap? When do you use these measurement instruments?

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Taking Care of Business. Coaching in Corporations

How do organizations decide that coaching is for them? Who is the decision maker inside the organization and how do they choose and implement a coaching program? How do coaches market and get into corporate coaching programs? What are the different types of coaching required in corporations? What qualifications and tools do you need to be a corporate coach?

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