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Expert Series: Coaching Military Veterans and More Part 2 of 4

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Part 2 of 4

Foundations –Distinctions


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As a reminder – we are examining this from a broad-stroke. Each service member is as unique as each snowflake. Even as it’s an important part of transition and transformation, many service members are NOT accustomed to experiencing deep self-reflection. They are capable, bright and willing when they feel supported. Until then – they are more apt to look for some direction. They have been keenly trained to take care of the person to the right and the left of them. As individuals, their successes matter if their unit, team, troupe, command etc. succeeds.

Consider: Identification of Individual achievements, dreams, wishes and passions is very hard for most veterans (True/False?) >> Answer here << 

Service Members honor Authority and Subject Matter Experts. When you create a respectful foundation, speak from a place of confidence and competence. *Remember you don’t need to know her or his experience in detail. You are just demonstrating you have her back – you will support him, as you know how to do this; meaning coaching people to uncover and transform their potential for the next chapters in their lives is what you do best.  

Now, I am clearly advising to follow the code of ethics you normally follow, believing at a visceral level your client is brilliant – healthy and whole in mind and spirit. You’re NOT directing or giving answers. You’re setting the stage that you are ready, willing and capable to be their partner in the process of designing their lives.

Action ideas:

Describe your successes more factually than emotionally. Explain your training, credentials and methods. Connect with your client through empathy and compassion – not sympathy. Sessions are best when grounded in clear protocol and expectations.

Understand that veterans may not easily connect with words like PASSION, and PURPOSE, yet that is what you will help them uncover. Allow them space to process. In the beginning when establishing a relationship  – don’t give too much space though. They want and seek guidance to do things the right way. Guide towards answers without actually giving them.

Often veterans take on life trajectories based off of narrow sources and others’ opinions.  Help them to identify interests, strengths and goals they have (career, financial, educational, social etc.) by encouraging them to explore what value these bring to their lives.  Empower them to choose.

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About the Author:

Jessi LaCosta is a CCE-Board Certified Coach, Author, Professional Speaker & founder of BlueRio Strategies and its Hawk Collaborative. LaCosta is known for groundbreaking training approaches for coaches at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  She is proud to have launched the USA’s first ever *BCC-Approved Coach Training course with a focus on supporting veterans in their life-mapping and transitions to the civilian sector. LaCosta also offers innovative BCC-approved leadership and resilience coach training.

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