Monday, August 14, 2017

Expert Series: Is EQ more important than IQ? Part 3 of 4

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It Takes a Village

Part 3 of 4


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If you’ve read the previous parts in the series, it’s clear that high levels of Emotional Intelligence are integral to one’s success. It provides a person with coping strategies when they find themselves in a tough spot. This installment will hone in on the importance of a group’s Emotional Quotient (EQ) scores and the steps that can be taken for effective teamwork.


Now that we’ve talked a great deal about a person’s path to workplace and leadership success, the next installment of the expert series will show you how important it is for individuals to work together as part of a team to truly succeed.

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The Expert Series is brought to you by choice Magazine as part of our ongoing efforts to bring opportunities for learning and growth to the coaching community. Delivered in four parts every two weeks, each series covers useful top for business development and coaching insights, serving the needs of leaders in all areas and walks of life. Archived copies of previous series can be found here.




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