choice column and department descriptions

These top columns & departments are open to submissions from you! 








entrepreneur coach

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: This column is designed to help solo-preneur coaches (i.e. coaches who are also entrepreneurs) build their businesses and their comfort level in areas such as sales, marketing, planning, networking, etc.

Length: 800-1200 words


Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: This column focuses, as the name suggests, on one person’s perspective on a particular issue relating to coaching and/or the theme of the particular choice issue.

Length: 800-1200 words

corporate leadership

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: This column deals with coaching issues and challenges in the corporate world, from executive and leadership coaching, to team coaching, to case studies demonstrating favorable corporate return on investment (ROI) from coaching.

Length: 800-1200 words


Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: As the name suggests, we are looking here for examples of the impact of coaching in the personal and/or corporate world. This could involve case studies or specific examples of how coaching has impacted a particular organization, person, group or team. Examples abound in the “impact” column.

Length: 800-1200 words

international eye

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: This column gives an international perspective on coaching. How is the profession of coaching evolving, growing and progressing in your corner of the world? What are the similarities and differences in coaching styles and techniques? How do cultural differences relate to coaching in different regions? Please note that in addition to this column specifically highlighting coaching outside of North America, we also welcome articles from writers with a global perspective for our features, columns and departments.

Length: 800-1200 words

art of coaching

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: This column helps the learning coach expand their skills with well known or new techniques.

Length: 800-1200 words


Writer(s): Readers – various/open

Description: The “feedback” page includes letters, emails and social media feedback from readers as well as results of readership surveys.

Length: 500 words max

industry news

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: Our “industry news” department presents the latest news throughout the coaching industry, including highlights of recent coaching conferences, new credentialing initiatives, new training requirements, and the latest news from coaching organizations and associations. Also included here is our calendar of upcoming global coaching events, called “Save These Dates.”

Length: 250-800 words

final say

Writer(s): Various/Open

Description: The “final say” page is the last editorial page in every issue of choice. It usually focuses on “life lessons” and can therefore be somewhat more personal and philosophical than our other columns and departments.

Length: 400-5o0 words

Sorry but the columns & departments below are not open to your contribution 🙁

choice thoughts

Writer(s): Garry Schleifer

Description: The Publisher’s “choice thoughts” page reflects our commitment to the profession of coaching. It outlines the direction for choice Magazine and choice as a company, as well as new business initiatives and offerings.

Length: 300-400 words

choice thoughts

Writer(s): Janet Lees

Description: The Managing Editor’s “choice thoughts” page provides highlights of the current issue of choice Magazine and outlines what readers can expect from the content within the editorial pages.

Length: 300-400 words

choice books

Writer(s): Kat Knecht

Description: The “choice books” page features a review of a book or books relating to coaching and reflecting the theme of the current issue.

Length: 500-650 words

sticky situation

Writer(s): Suzi Pomerantz, Craig Carr, Victoria Trabosh

Description: Our most popular and widely read department, “sticky situations” presents a specific coaching challenge and asks three expert master coaches to provide their “take” on how to deal with the situation.

Length: 3 responses @ 400-450 words each

coaching tools

Writer(s): Marcy Nelson-Garrison and Terry Green

Description: The latest in tools and products for the coaching profession.

Length: 5 tools @ 100-200 words each

coaching mastery

Writer: Janet Harvey

Description: This article is for the coach on the path to mastery.

Length: 800-1200 words