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choice is a magazine and community about coaching, for people who use coaching in their work, personal lives, and small business.

We pride ourselves on being a resource and support for everyone through our community and a vibrant, high-quality, color-printed or digitally produced, 52-page publication produced quarterly to our loyal, paying subscribers around the world.

Our supportive efforts include: a widely read Expert Series, delivered via email every 2 weeks and a Multi Media Expert Series composed of tele-calls and webinars both meant to add further value to the members of the choice community around the world. We have built a strong, passionate following which continues to grow every day, and we’re proud to say that we have been a mainstay in the coaching industry for over 10 years! To subscribe click here.

Our Vision

To be the ultimate source of information about professional coaching.

Our Mission:

choice Magazine is the vehicle that forwards the global conversation about professional coaching, by providing:

  • diverse perspectives,

  • thought-provoking commentary,

  • insightful discussion,

  • and access to services, tools, resources and practical information.

Our Values:

  • We operate with integrity, trust, honesty and respect, as an independent, unbiased and objective organization.

  • We create excellence that results in wild success and award-winning recognition.

  • We are passionate, innovative, cool and fun, working in freedom and space to be ourselves.

We are a Resource Partner with ICF (International Coach Federation) and a sponsor with IAC (International Association of Coaching) With these close, trusted partners, together with our own highly responsive database, we have a powerful advertising reach of over 25,000 people. If you want to know more about:

Here’s our team of talented, creative individuals who help make choice a success:

Publisher & CEO Garry T. Schleifer, PCC, CMC
Managing Editor
Janet Lees
Ally Gaynor
Art Director
Luisa De Vito
Business Development Director
Garry T. Schelifer
Customer Service; Communications
Savvy Lambert
Garry Schleifer
Editorial Board
Carol Adrienne, Terl-E Belf, Laura Berman Fortang, Rich Fettke, C.J. Hayden, Dorcas Kelley, Pamela Richarde, Phil Sandahl, Iyanla Vanzant

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